Meet the First Class

At BuddyRest, we are “dog people” at heart. That is why we work hard to bring consumers the best quality, innovative pet products that truly help animals. Our products make life easier for people and improve the quality of life for our furry friends. BuddyRest is leading a revolution in the pet industry by providing very durable, American made products that not only last the lifetime of your animal, but more importantly improve health and relieve pain. We use real science in our processes. All of our beds are tactile pressure mapped to ensure the best support is always provided.

Trevor Crotts, Founder/President

KingFit is an innovative health and wellness platform powered by artificial intelligence. We bring together the knowledge of the leading researchers in health and wellness, the most innovative technologies, and the support of healthcare professions, family and friends, right to your smart phone. We are transforming the way healthcare organizations do diabetes prevention by partnering with physicians and insurance agencies and offering an alternative to ineffective prescription drugs. We offer the option of improved health.

Miguel Johns, Founder/CEO

KNOXX® is a platform designed to innovate the recruiting space by giving candidates a visible platform through video technology to “make their pitch” to businesses about how they can be impactful.  At the same time, employer use of KNOXX® maximizes the efficiency of a company’s recruiting efforts to find the right fit by revealing all of the candidate intangibles (charisma, energy, poise and presentation) allowing them to move beyond the limits of a candidate resume.  Through this platform, Wichita now has a meaningful way to find local talent, create opportunities and reduce the likelihood of unnecessarily exporting our local talent to other markets.

Mike Mathia, Founder

Reverie Coffee Roasters was established during the inception of a coffee renaissance in Wichita. Their contribution to the coffee community through education has spurred interest in specialty coffee and has contributed to the rising demand for quality coffee experiences. In just over three years, Reverie has become the most popular space in Wichita to have a meeting or relax with a book, and is quickly becoming the preferred choice to caffeinating the workplace.

Andrew Gough, Founder/Head Bean Counter
Andrew Gough, Founder/Head Bean Counter

Tru-Building’s vision is to create residences that deliver industry leading energy efficiency along with great use of space, healthier indoor air quality and the smart-home features that today’s buyers seek. These benefits along with industry leading customer care are designed to create a totally new move-in experience where clients love their new home and their builder.

Jeff Jones, Founder/President

Visibility Optics provides an online to offline virtual optical that allows eye care providers the ability to sell prescription eyewear online. This online to offline solution includes a virtual optician who can assist patients in finding the correct eyewear. Visibility Optics is the visibly better way for eye care providers to sell eyewear.

Chad Cox & Dr. Steven Cox, Co-Founders