Entrepreneur of the Week: Chad Cox, Visibility Optics

Sipping some coffee from a highly appropriate mug stamped with the words “Living the #startuplife” is how I found Chad Cox, founder of Visibility Optics. On this Wednesday afternoon, Chad was working furiously on finishing the pilot program for Visibility Optics. He hoped to have it launched within the next few days. For about a year, Chad has been working out of The Labor Party—a coworking space here in downtown Wichita but will soon be making the Incubator at e2e Accelerator his more permanent home.

Meeting with Chad at The Labor Party, we were able to sit down and explore a few thoughts. Going off of inspiration from the mug, I asked him what his “startup life” has been like with e2e Accelerator—what’s been the most challenging and the most rewarding. As far as the most rewarding, without hesitation, Chad said meeting and growing with the other cohorts has been helpful beyond belief. Being able to be around and work with people who are going through the same trials and triumphs you are is a welcome relief. In addition, collaborating with the mentors from the e2e program have been more than helpful. Having someone who has been where Chad is and be able to provide knowledge from experience, makes all the difference.

When not in the office, Chad spends every minute he can with his family. He and his wife have three daughters—including 7 week-old twin girls! Starting and running a new business while raising three adorable girls, (Maggie, Mary, and Ellie) is a juggling act. Chad says sleep is a foreign luxury for him—hence the ever full coffee cup.

Progress is coming steady and Visibility Optics is moving right along.

There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen.” –Jim Lovell