Entrepreneur of the Week: Andrew Gough

Taking a moment to think about what has been the most valuable aspect from e2e, Andy Gough of Reverie Coffee Roasters said that without a doubt, making connections has made all the difference. Before e2e, he didn’t quite realize the right things his company was doing. Through making the connections, it helped validate that Reverie was headed in the right directions and was doing good things.

Moving on to goals, Andy wants to focus even more on fine tuning his pitch for the upcoming Accelerate the Heartland. Accelerate the Heartland is providing a platform that will culminate e2e’s Accelerator program. There, Andy and the other cohorts will have the opportunity to present their pitch as well as connect with other businesses.

I asked Andy what his favorite part of his coffee business is. Problem solving with customers is actually what he said. It’s rewarding to find out the exact need of a business and meet it or even exceed their expectations.

You may not know, that Andy is hobby junkie. He enjoys pursuing everything from marathon running, bike riding, building and constructing. Everything in the Reverie shop Andy and his team created and set up.